Network & Technical Support

From your home computer to your company network, we can help you troubleshoot and fix whatever you need, allowing you to work more efficiently.

Remote Support

Online, as fast as we can, we’ll connect to your PC or Mac and help you right away.


Is your file server not working as it’s supposed to? Email not arriving as you’d expect? We can take a look, diagnose the issue and fix it for you.

Network Appliances

That new router you just bought? The infinite switches you have spread across the company? Let us take care of them. We can also configure firewalls and deploy access points to help your network run efficiently.


Does your smartphone thinks it’s smarter than you? We’ll show you how to shut its mouth and configure it to work for you.

Platforms Expertise

Windows 8, 10

Windows 98, 2000, XP, Vista, 7

Mac OS X

iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch

Android Device

Apple computers

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