Business Consultant

Businesses have their products and/or their services ready but they are in need of promoting, managing or optimizing their operations or online presence. We provide the set of tools and consultancy needed for that to happen in the best way.


If you sell in your store you can sell online. How? that’s our job we’ll set everything up for you and teach you to manage it. You just sit and wait for the revenues.

Online Presence

Your company’s health online is very important. How well is everything mixed together? Do you have a website, Facebook site, Google maps location, SEO ready, Yelp and more?

We’ll research for you and look for the appropriate channels depending on your business role.

Process Automation

You may already have an ongoing process which we can automate with the use of technology, allowing you to work more efficiently, blazingly fast with a new set of tools and information.


Inventory Management, Client Retention Management, Social Exposure, Actual process optimizations.